Welcome to Mayajon the artist, the journey that has lead to the creation of this web page. An experience like no other that arrives before your eyes. Capturing a moment in time that aims to please both your eyes and spirit. Born to a family of artists in Harlem N.Y. Growing up in the eighties and nineties posed many challenges that art helped her navigate through. It also made her question if New York was the city she needed to reside in to develop her artistic voice. It was not, and at the age of 19, she moved to New Orleans an old city with deep roots in art and history. For the last two decades she has made  New Orleans her home, her work represents a visual diary of her life’s journey with focus on spirituality and community,often over-looked by mainstream media.

Mary and child     Mayajon employs various mediums; including painting, drawing, writing, sculpting and designing jewelry. She has a capacity to capture a beautiful image with a sense of timelessness.